How To Use

How to Properly Use CimexTraps

To correctly use CimexTraps, the bed, sofa or loveseat being “trapped” must become an “island”. This means that the bed, sofa, bedframe or headboard cannot touch the walls. All bedding, including pillows, must be completely on the piece of furniture at all times.

The only way for the bug to get onto the furniture MUST be from the legs which need to be securely inserted into the Traps. Place the legs of the furniture properly into the traps. If the headboard has separate legs, then they must be trapped also. When the bug attempts to get onto the furniture it will get caught in the trap.

For Beds – Place all legs of the bed in the center of the traps.

If you are trapping a recliner, place the rails in the slot portion of the trap to evenly support the chair.

If trapping a box frame or long rail, use additional traps in the middle of each side to support the centers.

If the legs of the piece of furniture are too large to fit into the center of the trap, place the leg squarely on the raised top of the trap.

Make sure you do this

Do keep all bedding from touching the floor
Do make sure that all sides of the furniture being "trapped" are away from the wall


Don't let the bedskirt or the bedding touch the floor
Don't let the pillows or the blankets touch the walls or the surrounding furniture

You MUST create an island

All bedding must be off the floor and away from the wall so that the only way the bug can get onto the bed is by going through the traps.

Do make sure that the area under the bed is clear

How To Assemble and Clean Your CimexTraps

Place and attach the two adhesive grip strips to the top of each trap.

Attach the slider by lining up the tabs on the top of the slider to the notches on the bottom of the trap. Snap together.

Clean CimexTrap with a microfiber cloth as needed to keep dust out of the trap well. Use only a microfiber cloth to prevent scratching the polished well.