Better How?

Why is CimexTrap better?

  • The industry needed a trap that would work on recliners and rail beds.
  • They needed a trap that would work on large footed furniture.
  • They needed a trap that was heavy-duty enough to withstand a lot of weight.

CimexTrap was designed to solve all of these issues and more.

  • The center wall on the CimexTrap is raised and reinforced to allow you to trap large footed furniture like sofas, loveseats and bunkbeds.
  • We put slots in the raised center wall that will allow you to trap recliners and rail beds such as bunkbeds and hotel beds.
  • CimexTrap is made with a durable reinforced plastic to withstand heavy furniture.
  • CimexTrap is the only trap that has the option of adding a slider.
  • CimexTrap is committed to producing a High Quality product and to creating American jobs.

CimexTrap is Proud to stamp Made in the USA on every trap!